signs in chest radiology Bulging Fissure Sign

By Dr Deepu
Bulging Fissure Sign

The bulging fissure sign, it represents expansive lobar consolidation causing fissural bulging or displacement by copious amounts of inflammatory exudate within the affected parenchyma, seen in a chest x ray. It is classically associated with right upper lobe consolidation due to Klebsiella pneumoniae , any form of pneumonia can manifest the bulging fissure sign.  The prevalence of this sign is decreasing,because of prompt administration of antibiotic therapy to patients with suspected pneumonia . The bulging fissure sign is also less commonly detected in patients with hospital-acquired Klebsiella pneumonia than in those with community-acquired Klebsiella infection .
   Other diseases that manifest a bulging fissure
 any space-occupying process in the lung, such as
pulmonary hemorrhage,
 lung abscess, and
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