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World is not prepared for next pandemic- claims report

The Wall Street Journal (1/14, McKay, Subscription Publication) says that global health experts released a report(pdf) Wednesday calling on the Group of Seven advanced industrial nations, the larger G-20 bloc, and the United Nations to put up $4.5 billion a year to strengthen the world’s defense against pandemics. The group called for improving public health systems, strengthening the UN’s World Health Organization, and accelerating the development of vaccines, drugs and other medical interventions necessary to combat outbreaks. Further, the group said in a report that pandemics are among the greatest risks to mankind and economic losses can be costly.
        Bloomberg News (1/13, Tozzi) reports the authors estimated that pandemics “could cost humanity $6 trillion in the 21st century, or $60 billion a year,” and “argued for the investing $4.5 billion a year—or 65 cents for every resident of the planet—to prepare.” The reports said that there are few threats “that can compare with infectious diseases in terms of their potential to result in catastrophic loss of life,” yet “nations devote only a fraction of the resources spent on national security to prevent and prepare for pandemics.” Moreover, the report said the WHO was “unprepared” to combat pandemics and needs to make “significant changes in order to play this role effectively.” They noted that “there is no realistic alternative” to the underfunded agency. The document was drawn up by 17 academics, policymakers, and nonprofit and industry leaders from around the world.
        Reuters (1/14, Kelland) says that the report by the Commission on Creating a Global Health Risk Framework for the Future was coordinated by the US National Academy of Medicine, along with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and several other organizations.