1. FUNNIEST WAY TO LEARN AV BLOCKS!!! FUNNY ISN'T IT ?? Here I have posted a very easy way to remember the AV blocks, just see the image you will love it  see more

2. ECG CHANGES - RECIPROCAL LEADS !!! HANDY TOOL FOR CLINICIANS Clinicians ocassionally get confused about the reciprocal leads but this post will make you remember the ECG changes without breaking the head see more
3. How To determine the Mean Electrical Axis in ECG?????? Simple isn't it!!! This post gives us a view of the Mean electrical axis of the heart and and an easy way to determine the same See more
5. DIAGNOSING RV & POSTERIOR BASAL LV INFARCT, FOOTNOTE!!! clinicians are always worried about missing a RV and posterior basal infarcts, this post explains what to do in such cases see more
6.BASICS OF ECG AND EVOLUTION OF MI IN ECG !!! we are always fascinated to know how ECG evolves following a MI, this post gives a clear ideas pictorically how the evolution of MI is seen in ECG see more

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